Last update: 080526

The changes does not take effect.
I get some errors like "read-only filesystem" and such.

Why can't I access my encrypted (EFS) files after resetting the password?

The .bin-file inside the .zip won't fit on a floppy.

The keyboard does not work! I can't answer the questions!!

When loading the floppy it stops with "boot failed."

I have the CD in my CD drive, but it starts on the haddrive.

The floppy stuff crashes with "VFS: Unable to mount root.." and panic etc.

It cannot find any NT disks or paritions.

How to load a 3rd party driver

It hangs when mounting the windows disk

It seems to change the password, but NT won't agree.

I'm told that the account is locked, even if I know it is not.

I'm not told that the account is locked out, even Windows says it is. How can I reset it?

The user promotion (putting user into admin group) did not work: I cannot log in!

The user promotion (putting user into admin group) worked, but I cannot put user back into other groups in windows!

I tried it on Win2k/2k3 PDC (Active Directory), and it didn't change the password.

What is the 'Can't access tty...' error message when I quit the floppy/cd procedure?

My language uses characters in the usernames that are not readable with the floppy, and i cannot enter/search for them, thus not edit.

What about support? and I just paid $$ for it on eBay!

Can I donate money?

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